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A Perfect Darkness

A Perfect Darkness - Jaime Rush Amy Shane has lived a quiet life that is until a stranger breaks into her apartment in the middle of the night and before he’s dragged off Lucas Vanderwyck reveals a truth that changes Amy’s life. Amy and Lucas share a psychic gift that will be put to the test to save their lives before it’s to late... This story really pulled me in from the outset (and not to mention the eye candy of a cover) A Perfect Darkness wasn’t bogged down with to much information as the author builds the world of the Offspring. Amy Shane is in plain terms is a nerd and hermit, she loves working on people’s hard drives to retrieve lost data, but because of her gift she doesn’t deal well with people. Her gift? The ability to see people’s auras which show peoples feelings and emotions and seeing that everyday drives Amy away into her safe cocoon. Losing her father, her only family she had left at the tender age of five, Amy only depends on herself living through her sexy dreams of a sexy stranger every night. Until one night she awakes to find a stranger whom pretty much tells her she has a gift and people are after her! Amy at the start of the book is a shy, living her life out hiding away from the world. Through her need to find out the truth Amy really comes into herself becoming a strong woman willing to risk her life in order to save the love of her life Lucas. Lucas is one hottie period. With his sexy Mona Lisa smile that hides more then he lets on, Lucas as always held a special connection to Amy since they were children. When he finds her again, he feels a great pull to go to her and warn her, getting himself caught in the progress but loving her to much to risk in endangering her again, Lucas still visits Amy in her dreams as he’s held captive and forced to do the dirty work of a crazed man. What he doesn’t count on is Amy taking it into her own hands to save him even when he warns her not to. Lucas loves Amy deeply, but fears for her and feeling his gift may put her in danger. Lucas is a man of honor willing to put himself in front of the bullet before he’ll risk his love ones. There was still a few loose ends left about Lucas and his gifts that will no doubt be talked about in later books. The love scenes between Amy and Lucas were slow and hot, with nothing on the rough and tumble side, but was sweet and slow and had me reaching to turn on my fan on high. While most of them took place in the dreams their were still very hot and really showed the connection and love between Amy and Lucas. The story focus though wasn’t just on Amy and Lucas, but the Offspring and with help Amy is aided (mostly and through time ) by Lucas’s friends/family and fellow Offsprings: brother and sister Petra and Eric, Petra’s has strong feelings for Lucas which Amy and Petra have to deal with and each other as they help each other find Lucas. Eric is a loveable a-hole, who you love to hate, he shows moments of kindness, then moments of being a crazy pyromaniac I look forward to the future Offspring books and to his story and how it’ll play out. The villain seem at times a little OTT, but fit the bill as he goes after the Offspring I loved this story to bits, but the only two problems I had overall with this book was the lack of interaction between Lucas and Amy, they only really talked in the dreams and most of the time their to busy making love to really talk. When they finally get down to some face to face time it already toward the end of the book. A Perfect Darkness was great starter to the series, and didn’t overload with TMI until the end, with so much happing you feel like your being rushed then suddenly your faced with the end and a sudden big red stop sign in your face. I would have liked it better with the loose ends left for the next books and more on a HEA between Lucas and Amy then a sudden rescue filler. Even with these small bumps in the road, I loved the Offspring series as it’s off to a awesome start leaving me wanting more and for a non-PR fan that says a lot *wink*Overall: A Perfect Darkness is a great mix of romance and action that will leave you having a hard time trying to put the book down. *smiles*