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Velvet Haven (Annwyn Chronicles Series #1)

Velvet Haven - Sophie Renwick When Bran King of the Sidhe, a shape-shifter, would dream of his death, did he know his curse and the one whom was destined to kill him would be the one he would be willing to die for: Mairi. Mairi has been dreaming of a great dream lover, one she desires and one she kills, never did she think she would meet him face to face, and he be the one she would finally give her heart to, and together they must fight against fate and save a magical world Annwyn along with Earth before time runs out A huge fan of Sophie Renwick’s other pseudonym, I’ve been looking forward Velvet Haven, and the world she was building for this new series. I greatly enjoyed this book at the same time I had a few troubles while I read though the book. The story had a rough edge to it, compare to SR other pseudonym which I felt fit the story line that deals with a darker tone of magic and those who crave the dark arts and are out to do evil. The sensual level felt like it’s namesake and Bran himself like dark silk. Bran giving up his own happiness for his uncle has been on the side of bitter for a few years now, hating what the curse makes him have to do, give pleasure and have sex with female mortals, also he’s been made to rule over Annwyn. As the king, but due to his focus on his curse and finding his brother, he’s let evil slip through the gates of Annwyn, now he has to find a killer out to not only destroy his world but the world of mortals, while fighting against his own fate of dying at the hands of a mortal. Bran at times was very likeable as he fights his fate and tries to find his brother. period. He doesn’t care to much for anything else, so the change in him when Mairi walks into his life, shows another side of him as to be not only becomes the true king of Annwyn but a stronger man. This is not without the bumps in the road when he finds out Mairi is the mortal meant to kill him, I can understand why he backs off, but the back and forth the cold and hot he keeps puling instead of trusting his gut really got on my nerves. Understandable though because of his past history and the trust issues that arose, Bran has some issues that needs to be dealt with and he does along through the story. Mairi to had dealt with life’s harsh lessons, whom along with Bran has many issues she has to deal with, Mairi was one of those female leads I can relate to, she doesn’t care for to many people, but that doesn’t mean she won’t open her heart to those in need, she comes to terms with things in her past as she’s tossed into a world she never knew in her wildest dreams could exist. Mairi did the same pushing and pulling that Bran did, which again was understandable, but the blowing hot and cold got old quick, when she’s cold to Bran she’s hurt he’s cold to her and vice versa. This got old quick. Lucky, this doesn’t last long as the story keep unfolding and the world of VH is shown more to the reader. Mairi grows in leaps and bounds and by the end of the book, she was a bright and shining star in love and stronger then even, whom along with Bran I can’t wait to see more of later in the series. The steam between them was damn hot, and I for one will never see a piercing the same away again *grins grins* The great thing about each sex scene it just wasn’t that, they had emotion behind them, and because of that also had effects behind them and cause. Instead of it just being all about sex, it drew Bran and Mairi closer to one another and sometimes drew them apart and made them run away, which I felt was great, cause it showed the leads had deeper feelings and knew and sometimes feared the outcomes and when they finally make love, you know by then there’s a deeper connection going on below the surface. In VH I felt the main problem I had wasn’t with leads but the world building. The first in the series always have to be the one to lay the foundation for the reader and the rest of the series to follow, because of this VH had it’s up and down with it’s focus sometimes not going hand and hand along with the characters and what was happing around them. Sometimes you would become so wrapped up with Bran and Mairi, you then be tossed into more info of the world and the religion, making you feel out of sorts. I did enjoy how SR is setting up the world of VH, but there was many parts that will no doubt be later on- iron out. The killer and villain(s) I knew wouldn’t be caught, but SR does a great job of building up on how each of the lead and secondary characters are connected somehow to one another as the villains target not only one world but both worlds. The true scene stealer was of course my new love Suriel, The Fallen Angel. Every time he was in the scene, he took it over, he became the center of the scene. In the darkness Sureil still held a huge light, as he was guided by his faith in God and what he knew what he needed to be done. I look forward to seeing more of Suriel and SR holds for him (Plus, I want him for X-Mas!)Overall: Few things need to be iron out for VH, but still a great start to this series, that I look forward to see more of!