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Scandal in Spring (Wallflower Series #4)

Scandal in Spring - Lisa Kleypas This was a really adorable read for the final wallflower Daisy! I really adored Daisy throughout the series and was really looking forward to her book, Daisy is such a dreamer and perhaps like many readers can relate to her more then the other wallflowers. When she forced to find a husband or get married to her father’s chosen man for her, she tries her best to find a husband and quick! What she doesn’t realize is her father’s chosen man would be the handsome and caring Matthew Swift, who I just adored to pieces. Matthew at first glances seems to be aloof and hiding something but revels his deep love for Daisy he’s held close to his heart for years. Their arguments had me laughing, while one talk had me grinning from ear to ear, as Matthew comforts Daisy while her sister Lillian gives birth, they go through his pockets and find all these little goodies he seems to carry with him. Joking that he could save the world with more pockets. Although the sensual level isn’t as high as the other books, when it does get hot, it’s steamy between them. The only thing that really brought it down a little was Lillian whom I didn’t care for after her own book As she started to act like a selfish child then a woman making me wonder how Westcliff ended up with her. But toward the end Lillian does redeem herself as she protects and comforts Daisy and helping Matthew when his past catches up with him. With added drama with Matthew’s past adds just another great spark to this already great book.Overall: a wonderful ending for the last wallflower, as this oddball but wonderful couple find out their fondest wish does come true if only you believe!