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To Sir Phillip, with Love (Bridgerton Series #5)

To Sir Phillip, with Love (Bridgerton Series #5) - It started off with a letter, and turned out to be a correspondence that lasted well over a year, but when Eloise Bridgerton is asked an marriage proposal through a missive she’s a leery to even think about it, but when an event of marriage between her best friend and fellow spinster takes place, Eloise feels this may be her last chance at marriage and love. Sir Phillip Crane is speechless when a beautiful woman appears on his doorstep, this couldn’t be the woman he’s been writing to? He image a homely woman someone whom could be a mother to his two hellion children and a wife who would take care of everything while he focus on his works with plants. Now this beautiful woman, Eloise is changing his life and talking non-stop as he’s torn between laughter, anger and the need to kiss her. Either expected this marriage-of-convenience would change not only their lives but their very hearts. Eloise always came across as a busybody sticking her nose where it didn’t belong, always quick to jump the gun but planning ahead. With To Sir Phillip With Love, I felt Eloise started to come into her own, she started to see that taking your time, not pushing your way through things and learning to listen then having to fill the air with nonsense. It didn’t mean she still wasn’t a busybudy but she learned more through her journey and started to see with different eyes. Phillip was a just as hard to like off the bat. Although he suffered greatly from the abuse by his father as a child, then the death of his first wife, he kept running away from two children whom needed him the most. Even after the marriage to Eloise, he cop-out and laid everything on Eloise shoulders so he could have sex with her and work in his greenhouse. But it was he who really took me by surprise and showed me a human flaw we all have to face. His fear about being his father, that someday he lose his temper and beat his children like he was beaten, made him fear true involvement. But sometimes it takes a huge wake up call to make us open our eyes, and that’s what happen to Phillip, it made him stop running and finally face what he’s been running from. Eloise was there to be his support and helped along with his children face his fears. His wife also did a number on him, which made him feel nervous and unsure of himself on how the truly treat Eloise, through these trail and errors both learned to compromise with each other and that only built a stronger and loving relationship that all couples face and deal with. Meeting each other half way. The love scenes were great, but the romance and building of a relationship took center stage between Eloise and Phillip, which I really enjoyed as it’s not shown to much in romance novels. The humor was still there as the Bridgerton brothers come and rescue the runaway Eloise from certain doom, only to find out they needed to get her married instead. But once again it’s Violet the Bridgerton’s mother that adds the true words of wisdom that made me get teary eyed as I thought of my own mom and how I always turn to her for advice and a simple hug. Overall: another great JQ story with a few lessons about compromise, trust and just wiliness to listen to those around you. Most of all, that even happy ever afters take a little work, but it makes it more special as you learn to understand and grow closer to the one you love

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