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On the Way to the Wedding (Bridgerton Series #8)

On the Way to the Wedding - Julia Quinn Being the one of the youngest of the famous Bridgerton family, Gregory is laid back, charming and a romantic. Believing in love, he awaits for the day when he finds his soul mate. When he’s knocked off his feet after meeting a beautiful woman , he knows it’s love and goes out to win his lady love, only to find out she’s in love with someone else, and to make matters even more complex his lady love’s best friend tries to help which ends up even more complex... When Lucy Abernathy ends up falling in love with Gregory. Ever the manger and one to keep her word, Lucy is already engaged and when things arise that makes her unable to break the engagement... Even when Gregory opens his eyes and sees it’s Lucy who is his true love of his life, Gregory must overcome many obstacles in order to stop the wedding and make sure Lucy ends up “his” bride! What a fun and enjoyable read to wrap up the Bridgerton series, it felt that JQ went back to the start of the series with the feel and pace of the book. Gregory was so sigh worthy, all grown up. While each member of the Bridgerton had their own personality, Gregory ended up the romantic, that was somehow very fitting. Gregory reflects something in all of us when we think love hits us between the eyes. Sometimes we want to be “in love” and we might miss love itself right under our noses. It may take a few times before we find our love one, but when we do it’s magical. That’s what happen to Gregory, and the way it’s described and how he falls in love with Lucy made me smile a big goofy grin and how sweet it was. He also really grew up and became his own man. He never had anything to fight for or make him want to better himself until Lucy walked into his life and when he fights, he’ll move heaven and earth. Lucy with a odd mix of sass, humor and a manager of sorts, trying to keep order and comfort for the ones she loved and adore. She never thought love would hit her like a ton of bricks, thinking she wasn’t that lucky, but when it happens, she tried to fight it but also embraces it tightly to her heart. She always put others before her even to the end, so when Gregory tries to help her and stop the wedding, she finally puts her faith and trust but mostly her heart in his hands. Which I wish she did a little sooner, but better late then never? The romance between them grows and builds throughout the book, with a few surprises at a few corners. The steam level hits it’s high pinch toward the end, but it makes a lot of sense this way then having them just jump into bed, it takes time for both to come to terms and realize their love for one another. The pace of the book never lets up or lulls with surprises and laughs around ever corner. The only real trouble I had with the book was how quickly Gregory fell out of love then back into love with no real space between. The way it’s described is almost repeated as he fell in love with Lucy as he fell in love before, making him come across as fickle I also felt Lucy dragged her feet in telling Gregory the truth, I could understand the reason and her need to protect her love ones, but if she loved Gregory she needed to trust him a little more... These faults in retrospective were small compare to the overall romantic feel as you race along with Gregory through the streets to stop the wedding, when the secrets are reviled but most importantly you start to feel your falling in love along with Lucy and Gregory as the book races toward it’s ending, it becomes a great page turner!Overall: a wonderful conclusion to a amazing series that will have the romantic in you cheering and sighing happily as Gregory and Lucy reach their grand happy ever after! How truly grand this series was indeed!