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It's in His Kiss (Bridgerton Series #7)

It's in His Kiss (Bridgerton Series #7) - As the youngest of the very lively Bridgerton clan, Hyacinth has had to stand out and make herself heard. Coming across a overly outspoken and willing to outwit anyone, Hyacinth is starting to see there may be more to her mundane life and herself when in walks someone who not only can outwit her but can render her speechless! Gareth St.Clair and his father have been at odds for many years after he became the heir after his brother’s sudden death. Knowing out of sheer spite his father would ruin his inheritance,then he’s given an old diary that holds many secrets in its pages, but it’s written in Italian, which he doesn’t speak. When Gareth finds himself thrown together with Hyacinth who happens to speak Italian, they find the answers they seek don’t lie with in the diary but with each other their love.. A simple and fun read, Hyacinth being the youngest really needed to stand out from the others of her family. She could be very charming and down right funny, but more often then not become annoying. She did show a great amount of maturity toward the end, but I also felt her always needing to be right or have the last word kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Gareth was a good lead, trying to be the spiteful son after his father’s harsh treatment of him. He was the one whom I felt grew up in the book. Finally coming to terms with himself and his past. The book breezed on by, both leads were good, but they weren’t memorable, they didn’t really pull me into their story. They were a cute couple, with a good steam level but nothing that really sparked my interest in either. The story was fun and had it’s witty moments, and if someone wanted a quick read this would be your book. The book is very predicable from start to finish, with no real surprises in between. The one happy surprise I did find, was a guest appearance of the infamous book Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron, which made another (bigger) appearance in another of JQ’s books. That book is still so bad it’s down right funny.Overall: a quick read, and something to pass the time with. Nothing heavy, or memorable, but simple and fun.