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Secrets of a Wedding Night

Secrets of a Wedding Night - Valerie Bowman Reviewed For Rakehell ReviewsAbout to be married and deeply in love, Lily and Devon never thought anything would come between them, but through scheming and lies, Devon's father and Lily's parents split them apart leaving their hearts broken and their spirits bitter.It's five years later and Lily is the newly widowed Lady Merrill. Her husband has left her destitute and although she works to hide her financial trouble, keeping a roof over her and her sisters head is growing harder. Meanwhile, Devon isn't doing much better. Although he has tried to shield his son from his own reputation as a gambler and wastrel, he's been having the devil of a time doing so.When word reaches Lily about Devon's upcoming nuptials she decides to write a letter to the his fiance so that she doesn't go into the marriage blind. She writes a notorious pamphlet that takes the ton by storm: "Secrets of a Wedding Night." Devon is furious when his fiancée calls off the marriage after reading the pamphlet. When Devon learns that the author is none other then Lily, he vows to get Lily to write a retraction by any means necessary. The war between the two begins with their hearts on the line. Lily and Devon are both strong-willed characters who never give an inch when it comes to the retraction or seduction. Both were hurt by their belief that the other stood them up all those years ago. They carry a lot of hurt, anger and secrets they wish to hide from the other. Lily and Devon's interactions were at times fun and sensual and gave me a great understanding of the emotions they thought long buried. However, their misunderstandings could have been cleared up very quickly if they only talked to the other, and this was the only blight in an overall fun and enjoyable book. In Secrets of a Wedding Night we are given a great cast of charming characters and a nicely brisk pace. Valerie Bowman has created a great start to this series, and I am looking forward to more from this author.