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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - One word can sum up this whole book for me: Captivating As I started this book I thought it be about an angel falling in love, Wendy Higgins quickly throws anything I might of had about this book out the window and created an amazing tale of a young Nephilim, Anna Whitt, who doesn't know what she is, only that her senses are super hype, and she's able to see and feel emotions. Until she meets a drummer (stud muffin) Kaidan Rowe and everything she knows is turned on her head and the life she must walk will test everything she knows.. Anna comes across as someone naive and maybe a little goody-two shoes, but it fits her, the kindness, and love she gives builds the strength she needs in order to face some pretty nasty demons and things that could break anyone's heart and turn them into the negative side of life. She to has her flaws, but their of a young girl in love, and confused, but still standing tall. The Demon Dukes who serve the devil here on earth, all serve one vice, from pride, lust, subsidence abuse. I thought this was very clever and intriguing in how the Dukes try to pollute human's mind, and how easy it is for us to give in to our dark thoughts and give up. It takes courage to fight even if the battle is in ourselves. That's where our Guardian Angels come in, always there protecting us, telling us we can! Being that a positive in our lives. Such as Kaidan whose father the Duke of Lust has used Kaidan for his own bidding much as the other Dukes have of their Neph children. Kaidan blows hot and cold when it comes to Anna. He thought she was a false and to good to be true and later it becomes so much more that Kaidan loses his heart to her, but knowing they can't be together, I quickly grew to adore Anna, Kaidan and all those who support them. Each had something different and whole to bring to the table. Even to the point where your heart breaks when you read the tragic tales about these Neph children. The pace of the book never lets up, with the stakes getting only higher each chapter, and each page. With many things being reveled to Anna that cause her at times to stumble, but she never gives up in the face of change and alot of heartache and tears. Sweet Evil shows that in believing in the good and love of people, there's still hope. This book left me hoping and looking for more from this amazing series.Warning: References to Rape, Abuse, Drugs, Suicide