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Seduce Me at Sunrise (Hathaway Series #2)

Seduce Me at Sunrise - Lisa Kleypas Kev and Win have been in love with each other for as long as they can remember. Kev left for dead by his gypsy tribe was taken in by the Hathaway family and brought back to health, drawn to the quiet and kind Win as he stays and lives with the Hathaways. As he grows his feelings for Win consume his very soul, but he knows his hard past stands his in way. Win weak from a bout of the scarlet fever a few years ago, decides she needs to stop being weak and wants to get back on her feet again in order to live life to the fullest and be strong for Kev to see her as a woman then invalid. As he pushes her away one last time, forces Win to prove to him and to herself she must get stronger. Two years later Win returns to a changed Kev who’s becomes moody after her departure but their feelings are just as strong as ever. As Kev tries to overcome his fears and his past in order to be with the woman he loves. As a couple I adored Kev and Win play this tug of war between each other as Kev runs and Win chases or vice versa. Kev doesn’t want Win to be hurt by his past and runs from her, but always pulls her back in his arms as his love for her runs very deep. Although moody and standoffish he’s not a man to shy away from saying how he feels about his love toward Win, just scared to be with her or hurt her. Win by any means necessary does all she can to show Kev she’s made out of stronger stuff . When their together the air sizzles and the love scenes between them is hot and so romantic. While Mine till Midnight was at times jumbled and annoying as it set the foundation for the Hathaway series, Seduce Me at Sunrise was much smoother as it focus more on Kev and Win with the family taking their places in the background and not so much of the foreground. I really loved Kev and Win as a couple, with Win being more of the go-getter in the relationship a huge change from what she first appeared to be in Mine Till Midnight from some fragile beauty to a strong woman who knows what she wants and she wants Kev! Kev was also great with his strong emotions and saying what he feels but I did get annoyed with him at times as he kept pushing Win away then making her life hell as he watched over her and didn’t stand up for her in one scene. Although I can fully understand why he did it, it still kinda irked me that he kept walking away from Win and being so hard headed. Which in turn caused me to not like the ultimatum that Win threw down at Kev, again I know why she did it, but it felt kinda beneath Win who came across as a strong woman through the whole book. The most surprising character was Leo who I disliked in Mine till Midnight redeemed himself and really grew up ten-fold in SMAS, his words to Kev were great and the best knock on the head Kev could have ever gotten, I couldn’t help but cheer for Leo. His actions with Ms.Marks were funny and great, I can totally seem them together in a future Hathaway book. The Hathaway family is shown that their bonds of love are strong as you see each of them growing into their own even the couple Cam and Amelia. The ending I felt was also over the top and I felt was really unnecessary to the book, but was an okay touch to the story of Kev’s past and the surprise behind the tattoo he has and shares!Overall: another wonderful and romantic book by LK with a couple you cheer for and sigh over happily as they overcome their pasts and hardships to reach their happy ever after.