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Wicked Becomes You

Wicked Becomes You - Meredith Duran Everytime you pick up a Meredith Duran book you know your going to be in for a complex, and engaging read, this time around Wicked Becomes You was also fun and on a lighter tone compare to her other works. Duran characters have many layers that peel away as you read, and no greater examples are Alex and Gwen, both running and trying to break out of the mold they’ve been placed in. Gwen has always tried to be the best society butterfly she could be, hiding her true self away, until being jilted a second time, she had enough and decides to break out of her shell and live. Alex on the other hand has been running away from the past and himself and his heart, he felt so trapped in when he was a child suffering from asthma. While his rep is mostly hear-say and false he gets a kick out of all the tales of his rakehood. Alex has always noticed Gwen but because of a her brother being his BF along ago and a promise to him as Gwen’s brother died to take care of his sister, Alex has kept he distance. That is until Gwen goes out on her own and he’s having to keep an eye on her and his heart guarded as his discovers whom Gwen is. At times I really loved Gwen and Alex and other times I wanted to shake them. My love hate toward the leads ran through the book. While understandable why they acted this and that way, it still got on my nerves the way they kept stepping back instead of forward. While Duran writes this in a way that the leads must take these steps back in order to come to terms with things in their lives, like Alex guilt toward the death of Gwen’s brother and his childhood. Gwen was the one I didn’t understand why she kept acting like a child and little so many doubts blindsideing her. This dragged on the story on and IMO been left out instead of dragging on the ending. Many of the secondary characters were they were suppose to be in the sidelines, Alex’s family where the best and pretty surprising, with a few twists Duran throws at the reader. This I added to the story in a good and ironic way, showing another caring side of Alex he tried so hard to read, and another layer to the lead. The adventure ride that Gwen and Alex take really took a backseat later on as the relationship between the two heat (way way) up. Overall: another fantastic story by Duran, with two engaging leads in Gwen and Alex as they not only find out whom they truly are but finally find the love they’ve been longing and waiting for.