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The Lost Duke of Wyndham (Two Dukes of Wyndham Series #1)

The Lost Duke of Wyndham (Two Dukes of Wyndham Series #1) - Jack Audley has been many things in his life, from a soldier and at the moment a highwayman. So when he stops a carriage with two women inside, he thinks nothing of it, well expect stealing a kiss from one of the (and younger of the two) women, but nothing out of the norm for a rouge. Until one of the women claims him to be her grandson and the rightful Duke of Wyndham! Grace Eversleigh has worked for the dowager Duchess of Wyndham for five years, a thankless job, until one night a highwayman steals a kiss from her and is later to be found out to the long lost grandson of the dowager. Now not only is Grace having to help prove he’s the rightful duke, but fighting off the charms and smiles of Jack is going to prove her downfall because there’s no way she can fall in love and marry a duke...can she? I always enjoy JQ’s books, their delightful and with her classic humor through it, it’s always a sure bet I’ll walk away with a big grin afterward. The Lost Duke of Wyndham was no exception. From the first moment Jack walked on the scene I loved him, with his funny comments and witty humor he was a man that stole my heart. As the story moved on, Jack starts to revel a troubled past from his days as a soldier but hide it so well behind his carefree nature, it was hard to tell when he was being funny or being serious. His comments about his newfound family hit the nail on the head sometimes, as he seemed voiced your thoughts as the reader out loud. He was his best when he was the charming and devilish rouge and his sexy talk could melt butter, but he showed a very gentle and caring side toward the end was a surprise that made him even more endearing I liked Grace and at times I thought her to “meek” to be a JQ heroine, most are outgoing and go-getters, with Grace falling in-between, but she did have some spark in her. I wanted to her shine a bit more and only at the end of the book did she really stand on her two feet, something I wanted her to do sooner, but as a companion and her loyalty toward the dowager, it sorta made sense the way she acted. The romance between Grace and Jack was really good, with some steamy kissing moments and one love scene. It was enjoyable, but I wanted a little more romance between Grace and Jack as the story was mostly center around Jack and is he or isn’t he the real duke. The story moved quickly with some quirky moments as you get glimpses the current Duke of Wyndham Thomas and his fiancee also deal with this change, while the dowager makes everyone’s life a living hell along the way with Grace and Jack falling in love along the way.Overall: very cute read, that will zoom by before you know it. A lot of humor with a ending that will leave a smile on your face long after