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What Happens in London (Bevelstoke Series #2)

What Happens in London (Bevelstoke Series #2) - Sir Harry Valentine would love nothing more then a boring life, feeling cheated by his parents then becoming a solider, Harry works in the War Office as a Russian translator, when life becomes even less boring when he notices his neighbor spying on him, giving her a show with crazy hat and a few burn pages, Harry dismisses her as nothing more then a snob after one meeting, but when the War Office asks him to do some spying of his own on his neighbor, he finds himself faced again matching wits with Lady Olivia Bevelstoke. Olivia doesn’t believe in gossip and sets out to prove that Harry isn’t a killer, but even if she doesn’t like him (and finding out she spying on him) she brushes it off as nothing, that is until Harry becomes a thorn in her side, a great and witty sparring partner with a smart banter and gives her terrible and boring book which she asks him to read from his window. Yup, Olivia is doomed from the start, doomed to fall head over heels in love. As Harry and Olivia are thrown together in between fighting off a lusty prince and crazy family members and a kidnap attempt, they find themselves drawn more to each other and finding unexpected love. This was such a light hearted and a joy to read, it had me laughing from the first page and smiling happily at the end. Harry (change the Rs to Ps his name would be happy valentine- that's cute!) and Olivia are a riot, with their actions to their wicked banter, you knew something was going to happen close to fireworks going off when they were together. I *heart* Harry, he was just so cute! He was witty with a sly sense of humor if I met a Harry in real life I ask him to marry me! Olivia was also a laugh riot with her actions and thoughts and her attempt at spying you couldn’t help at smile at some of things she got into. There was so many golden moments in this book it’s hard to pick a favorite, but for me it have to be the scenes that dealt with that crazy book: Miss.Butterworth and the Mad Baron, if that book was for real I would buy it just to diss it, it’s just so bad and oddly enough so popular with everyone. The sample passages that were read were just so funny and Sebatian Grey Harry’s cousin acting out the scenes was priceless. Sebatian Grey was the secondary character that really shined, I really look forward to his book, curious to see if he’s the author of Miss.Butterworth book (and it’s crazy squeals) The only fault I found in the book was toward the end with it’s kidnap/suspense moments thrown in which kinda felt more like a chapter filler then part of the book Which I would have left out of the book Overall: a super fun read that will leave you with a warm happy glow with a fun proposal by Harry to Olivia that will leave smiling long after.