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Ten Things I Love about You (Bevelstoke Series #3)

Ten Things I Love about You (Bevelstoke Series #3) - This was such a sweet story, that is was a candy I ask in my best Oliver Twist voice “May I have some more?” I didn’t want this book to end! Sebastian Grey, Sebastian Grey. I adored Sebastian Grey whom stole the show in What Happens in London, and to say I was eagerly awaiting his book would be an understatement .But, like other readers hoping for a book and it turns out really bad, I kept myself in check. Thankfully, I didn’t have to, as 10 things I Love About You was everything I hoped it be. From the first page, JQ throws out a lot of surprises and the tempo of the book never wavers. Always up to beat and making the reader feel like it’s short, but this book just read fast for me, with each scene leading the reader wanting to know what will happen next. Sebastian Grey is still his easy going self, but behind his social mask, we start to see a man haunted by war and a poet who loves to see the colors of life. Sebastian just got better and better, he was funny but also could be pretty smooth when it came to getting out of some tight fixes. He also very protective of those he cared and love, going to lengths he didn’t know he had in him. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sebastian, only by the end up of the book, he became one of my all-time fave JQ heroes. Annabel Winslow is like a fish out of water, dealing with life in London, everything to her is new, but also very annoying with people talking in riddles or not saying what they really mean. Plus, having the Earl of Newbury after her because she comes from a family of eight and has wide childbearing hips, plus is as old as her grandfather! Annabel is in a fix though, after her father’s death, her family is headed to the poor house, unless she marries someone rich. But when she crosses paths the Sebastian she finds a kindred sprit in him and she him. Annabel was a straight-forward person, not one to sit still, Annabel has duty and her heart to deal with. Plus dealing with uncle and nephew...Annabel has her work cut out for her. I liked Annabel, although I felt she took her sweet time telling the Earl to back off, I think we all have moments where a light goes off and we listen to our gut and heart to chose what we want and our own happiness, this is what Annabel does and thankfully in just in the nick of time. In WHIL, I felt the ending had a sort of filler, no such thing in 10things, everything was smooth going and even the villain gets his, and not in the way we think either. Irony! There may be a few things that readers may wonder about, such as how Sebastian got over his troubles so quickly, I felt that this was the first step in his healing. Sometimes just having someone to truly talk to about your troubles, is a burden off your shoulders and with Annabel, Sebastian felt he could finally get some weight off his chest. Sebastian also made Annabel comfortable in her own body, always seen as a woman with big hips and boobs, Sebastian loves her for her, and she starts to love herself and her body as well. With cameo appearance of some older characters and some new characters, am hoping that Edward Valentine gets his own book soon! Overall: fluffy, and a very sweet romance with two people finding one another and helping one another get over their tough hurdles in life and finding love. This book will having you smiling from the first page to the last page!