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Tempt Me at Twilight (Hathaway Series #3)

Tempt Me at Twilight - Lisa Kleypas Poppy Hathaway longs for a normal life, although she loves her very unconventional family, she wants something more stable and safe, when she falls in love with a man she thinks can bring her happiness, is heartbroken when he turns her away for his title which leads her into scandal and the arms of … Harry Rutledge, who is a well-known ruthless hotel owner, known to always gets what he wants “always” and when he lays eyes on Poppy he knows he must have her at any cost but when they marry they find they must learn to trust and break down their defenses to find the love their both have always seek… As I started to read this, I was quickly drawn into the story, with deep shades of LK’s Devil of Winter written all over it. If anyone could turn a villain into a beloved hero, LK could and she does it with true style and grace with Harry. Poppy is the only “normal” Hathaway, coming across as the kind caregiver of the family with a heart full of love and kindness. At first she comes across as narrow-minded in her views of love and what happiness is. She kept reaching for a safe haven in someone. She comes from her shelter when she’s heartbroken by her first love and then has to learn to trust as she falls in love with Harry. Because of her desire to want love and a safe marriage, Poppy was blinded by her first love and his faults. Harry opens her eyes to a bigger and better world, where she can have so much more. Harry was a complex puzzle, a mechanical genius and ruthless hotel owner; he shows many sides, and keeping you guessing whom the real Harry is. I don’t think Harry even knew whom is really was. Always thinking and trying to have everything in his life in order, when things don’t go the way he wants he relies on the cold part of his mind to find a way to fix it or make it his. I really loved Harry, when he wanted something he took it with both hands by hook or crook. Did I agree with what he did was right? I do. He knew Poppy’s first love didn’t have the balls to take Poppy and if he really loved her and wanted her, he would risk it all. Poppy’s first love was given many chances, but he didn’t take it and became a wimpy baby because he missed his chance. If there was a man out there as hot as Harry who wanted me as much as Harry wanted Poppy- I tie myself up and tell him “take me away” Harry was drawn to Poppy due to her brightest and kindness something he lacked in his own life, and as his defenses are torn down, he starts to move away from his past hurts, he becomes his true self and finds his heart along the way. The love scenes are few and far between, but in LK fashion are built up to and she doesn’t disappoint, as they are pretty hot and steamy. The Hathaway clan is still pretty pronounced through the story as Poppy turns to her family for advice and help. I loved the Hathaways and how tight knit they are and how they accept Harry into the family (even giving him some much needed advice along the way) I felt what brought an overall awesome story down, what the sudden filler toward the end. If LK wanted a bigger word count, I feel leaving it out would have been better. Also the cliffhanger, what was that?! It didn’t feel like LK at all, almost like she was forced to add this. I really didn’t care for it as it brought the overall story down. I wouldn’t have minded a seek peek into the next book, but a cliffhanger was just plain stupid IMO. Overall: an wonderful story, with great leads but could have done without the sudden filler and cliffhanger