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Almost Heaven

Almost Heaven (Sequels #3) - Judith McNaught There’s been many books I can say I couldn’t put down, but I can truly say there’s also been just a handful of books where it was sometimes physical impossible to stop reading, and putting the book away. Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught was one of those books. Through the hardships,tears and yes, misunderstandings I couldn’t put this book down, I wanted, no needed to keep reading to find out what happen next to these two amazing leads. Elizabeth Cameron was one of those heroine’s you love on the spot, she was smart, beautiful but she had most of all courage and bountiful amounts of love to give. After having her uncle force her hand in an unwanted marriages, Elizabeth is face once again with her past, one where in order to save her home and her brother from debts she was to get married to a rich, kind man and she felt foolish enough to fall in love whom she thought was the wrong man and only wanted her for a quick tumble in the sheets, and with a vengeful friend out to destroy her, Elizabeth’s reputation was in ruins. Elizabeth without her brother whom up and left and only her home to go back to, keeps moving on. Elizabeth may have been brought down to a low, but she was strong enough to face whatever came her way, and it’s her strength that shows many of times, as she has to fight many battles along the way, but she stays strong and keeps hope in her heart. Ian Thornton, Ian, how I adore thee. Ian was one of those men you wish you could meet in real life, he felt so real at times, I thought he just jump off the pages, where I could yell at him for being mule-headed but hold him when he was hurting. Ian was at times such a complex man and at times so simple. Ian’s life hasn’t been a bed of roses, the son of a disowned peer and a sister of a Scottish vicar, Ian’s life was quickly turn to the worse when his family suddenly die in a fire. Ian goes through life making gambles and money hand over fist, but never truly happy, until he finds love and heartbreak with Elizabeth. Ian like Elizabeth get caught in a tangle of misunderstandings, but these misunderstandings bring them back together. Ian is very open about his passion and later his love of Elizabeth and shy about himself. Ian was at times heartbreaking sweet and mule-headed pain in the butt, but I loved learning about him every second, and I loved him deeply. Ian and Elizabeth have a long road ahead of them, and it’s their love and their forgiveness that heal their hearts and the sadly the wounds they inflicted on one another through things beyond their control, but their love was stronger and able to overcome their hundles and find peace and love in one another. There was so many memorable characters plotted around the story, from Elizabeth’s childhood friend Alex to Ian old time friend Jack but my favorites were Lucy- Elizabeth’s companion, who may have been stern but had a quick witted mind and knew how to handle a mean horse. And Ian’s grandfather who knew his mistake and wanted to make it up not only to Ian’s father, but to Ian himself, and was willing to let go of his pride in the end to do that.Overall: This book was beautiful from start to finish and yes, I have I did cry buckets, but more often then not they were tears of joys as two great souls Ian and Elizabeth finding one another. This book wasn’t Almost Heaven to read but truly Heavenly!