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Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness - Jaime Rush Zoe Stoker has always been an outcast all her life due to her powerful gift to move objects. Living her life peacefully as an tattoo artist her life turns upside down when she’s suddenly being hunted down to be killed, only a band of gifted rouges - Offsprings like her, can save, her while her heart is on the line with loner Offspring... Rand Brandenburg Jamie Rush has really fleshed out this series out with Out of The Darkness, everything had such a better pace to it without the bumps that litter the first book in this series. Rush really has this awesome gift with making characters that pull you into their world, Zoe life has been pretty crappy since the death of her father and her mother thinking she’s a devil child because of her gift, the only person who understood and loved her for her is her grandfather. Zoe hides herself in “goth” armor trying to stand out while having a “stay away” sign on her to the world and anyone who tries to come close to her. Zoe has been hurt deeply by the people who were suppose to love her no matter what, and for something she couldn’t control, so when she meets up with Rand and the rest of the Offspring Rouges, she has a lot of trouble trying to adjust to people whom care about her and who want her to be part of their rag tag family. Zoe was a cool character and through the book she see her opening her heart and finally not hiding behind her armor. Rand was such a complex charmer. Pretty much on his own since he was a kid expect for his outspoken and really sweet grandmother, Rand tends to be a loner while being a Robin Hood using his gift to see ahead in time in secret helping people and making statements with his graffiti art. Rand was a complex mix of all these things, he tries not to be a good guy, and doesn’t want to stick around but in his heart he wants a family and craves to be loved, and when he meets Zoe he sees not only another loner, but someone whom understand him on a level others haven’t been able to see and vice versa. Zoe and Rand really matched each other very well both hurt and loners, they really complete each other. With The Perfect Darkness, I hated the lack of interaction between the two main leads, this time around, it wasn’t the case at all with Out of The Darkness. The interaction between the leads is spot on and very gradual even with the spark of attraction that flares up between the two, it takes a steady progress before they hop into bed with each other and I really found that more believable and satisfying because as Zoe and Rand try to fight their attraction their burn of the pages with some sexy talks and when they do finally makes love I felt the pages were going to burn up! Out of The Darkness takes right up after Perfect Darkness (nine days after) so to say this book could be stand alone , yeah, but I think there may be some blanks that could be filled if one read this series in order. As I said in as the start, this series is starting to really take shape as you meet more of the gifted Offsprings and learn more about the Rouge Offsprings and as they fight to find out more about the truth. Because this book takes place, time wise, right after the first book the characters such as Petra and Eric are still pretty much the same but are showing more signs of their strengths and weakness. While re-visiting the first couple of the series as they deal with the their own new troubles. Your also start to see the villain slowly losing his mind as he becomes obsessed with the Offspring. With Perfect Darkness the lack of interaction between leads and the sudden stop at the end made me drop a star from it’s overall rating, with Out of the Darkness what bugged me was one was the story pace, it was always steady but it did have it bumps as it switch between POVs and as your given a few more loose ends that leads an open to the next in the series. Two was Zoe and Rand going cold and hot on each other then wondering what they did wrong after they push the other away with their words or action. Annoying. But them being so much alike and use to being own their own you come to understand why they act they way they do but it drags to much toward the end. Lucky for the us the readers, these bumps are small and don’t take away from the overall story.Overall: an awesome addition to this series that left me wanting more and looking forward to more with two great leads that will have you reading non-stop till the end