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Covet (Fallen Angels Series #1)

Covet - J.R. Ward Jim Heron has lived a life of sin and killing, suddenly that all changes when he becomes a fallen angel and is appointed a great task of saving seven souls from the seven deadly sins with the earth as we know it in the balance. Vin diPietro has everything that money could buy expect love and happiness. That is until Jim walks into his life telling him his soul is in need of saving and a beautiful woman that steals his breathe away makes him question his life and his future. When a great evil ready to steal Vin’s soul, it’s up to a Harley riding fallen angel and the love of a woman to save Vin’s very soul. This is the first time I’ve ever read anything by J.R Ward and happy to say it won’t be my last. It’s know am not a fan of anything dealing with paranormal romance and to really classified this book as such would be only half truth. While romance isn’t thrown to the backseat and forgotten, it does take it’s place in the shotgun passenger seat as the main focal point is on the battle between hell and heaven for the seven souls and Jim. I really liked Jim who lived in the shadows and grey side of life. I became teary eyed as some of his back story was reveled to the reader. It made him just as human as you and I. J.R Ward does a wonderful job of not making him superhuman, but with major flaws and ending up making mistakes along the way. But deep down he has a good heart and I feel heaven knew they got the better deal when they chose him. Jim shares the spotlight as the main lead with Vin, who was the one you see change from a cold, ruthless businessman to a man in need of understanding and love. My heart went out to him as the layers were peeled away and you start to see him. He was so protective of his ladylove it just gave him even more awesome points in my book. Marie-Terese held her own as the female lead, who was strong in a gentle and kind way, she didn’t need to be a ball-buster to get her point across, she did that easy with her heart and kindness. But could become superwoman when someone she loved was in danger. The romance was very pronounced between the two all the time, the sex scenes were few but each one were smokin’ hot while the rest that dealt with other characters was held off the pages. Which I found nicely done as it didn’t take away from the main couple Vin and Marie-Terese. The main story of angels and demons held you until the very end. The writing really drew me in but the story did hold a few bumps in the road. One was the switching back and forth between the three leads; Jim, Vin and Marie-Terese, when one part would be going, it was like someone threw a stop sign in front of your face and jumped to another POV. While you do get use to it, it still got somewhat on my nerves (along with my pet peeve of Brand Name dropping but I won’t hold it against this book) Being the first in the series I felt, the foundation was a little rocky with the need of a little more (romance here) here and a little (less about the demon Devina) less there. Although it was setting you up for the rest of the series, I felt it could have been fleshed out in some parts or that could be a leeway open for the next in the series. I liked all the characters even the baddies, but only one truly got on my bad side that being Adrian who after his stupid stunt, I didn’t care for at all but again another loose end of another book. There was a lot of laugh out loud moments with the hints on who Jim is to help (a commercial with an red arrow pointing right at Vin’s head) and the talk with Jim, Eddie and Adrian were great with Jim comments on Adrian tone deaf singing and asking Eddie about his selective deafness. Overall: an awesome awesome book with angels and demons, that will have you pretty much glued to the pages until the end and leaving you waiting and wanting for more.