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First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World Series #1)

First Drop of Crimson - Jeaniene Frost For the past fourteen months, Denise MacGregor has been trying to get on with her life after the death of her husband and trying to avoid all that supernatural, until recent deaths of her family members start to worry and shock her when a demon not only attacks her but later marks her in order for her to it’s bidding. Now Denise has only one hope, the master vampire Spade to help her. Spade doesn’t care for humans, only for blood and sex, when he gets a frantic call from Denise a woman whose stayed in his mind, he finds out it’s up to him to help her in order to save her and the lives of her family before the demon comes a calling. But as time starts to run out, Spade and Denise find themselves falling in love with one another and in order for them to be together with one another forever they must save one another from the oncoming darkness Huge fan of the Night Huntress and an even bigger fan of Spade from the moment he’s first introduced, I’ve been looking forward to this book eagerly, and this book did not disappoint! After the New Year’s Party death of her husband , Denise has been living her life, going on with her life, but staying away from all those supernatural including her BF Cat. Denise is also morning her family members and their strange deaths, when her cousin Paul says something that puts her on the edge when he voices his worries about how odd the deaths were and feeling if someone was following him. When he and Denise leave from the bar, Denise is in shock when a man out of no where kills her cousin, turns into a dog and later shows up at her house (as a little girl no less) marking her with tattoos- telling her of her old relative with back stabbed him and he wants him in exchange for her life and the lives of her family. Not knowing where else to turn she finds herself calling Spade to help her. When she finds herself with the master vampire, she finds herself not only fighting against time to find her old relative, but her growing attraction turned love for Spade! Spade doesn’t care for human, and Denise is off-limits, but when she calls for help, he can’t help by answer the call, and when he finds her knocked out with demon marks all over her forearms, he knows he’s in for a long battle. As their journey has them hopping all over the world in search for the man the demon wants, Spade finds he can’t fight the building emotions he has toward Denise, Spade is willing to lay it all on the line and his heart to protect and be with Denise forever... I love Spade and just love him even more after reading First Drop of Crimson, Spade (Baron Charles DeMortimer) is a gentleman through and through, you really see him as more of a character then just someone always there on the sidelines, Spade is show why he’s the way he is and how the scars from so many years still haunt him. Spade love a human once very deeply and because he couldn’t protect her felt not only the lost of his love, but failure. When he comes across Denise he feels a deep pul he tries to fight against over and over again, but in the end knows she has his heart, she broke down all the walls he had around him and a man in love Spade is willing to do anything to protect the woman he loves from demons, vampire and even life’s pains itself. Spade surprised me, made me laugh and made me sigh in happiness. He was sly with his seductive ways in order for Denise to notice him even having a showy shower. Spade has some trouble accepting Denise choices along the way, but his love and understanding opens a lot of doors for the two and heal a lot of wounds along the way. Denise was very human, but one strong lady. She didn’t just fall into depression after the death of husband, but still carries on, believing that love would be in her future just not now, so when she starts to fall in love with Spade a vampire no less, she fights against it, but like Spade she feels a deep pull toward a man, whose pains he understand deeply. Denise at times I wanted to smack her while hugging her. She wasn’t kick ass, she had normal fears and pains, and confusion with her emotions that made her even more endearing to myself and readers. Denise has a backbone of steel and when push comes to shove, Denise is willing to stand up and fight and that made me cheer for her. As she says goodbye to her old life and hello to her new life with Spade brought a few tears of joy to my eyes. With all of JF’s books, their fast reads, she always kept up the pace with FDOC never letting the reader go, but in her recent books I missed the romance in her books dearly, she return ten-fold with romance taking front in center as love blossoms between Spade and Denise. The sexual tension and the sex scenes were smokin’ hot but also underlined the building love between the two leads. But, it wouldn’t be a JF book without action and drama and JF writes some very kick-ass scenes. Another thing I enjoy was the 3rd person POV, not that I don’t like 1st POV , but I really like hearing the thoughts of both leads and others, I felt it would have been missing out if it only had Spade or Denise view of events, it felt more rounded with all angles covered. JF did go back to the very annoying scene sudden stop that I didn’t care for in Destined for an Early Grave, it did grate on my nerves, it quickly picked up and one got use to it as you wonder what would happen next. Many characters made a cameo appearance, and while many want more from Cat and Bones you won’t get it in here, while they seem to have mature in their relationship between each other, I was happy Cat and Bones took the sidelines as the focus was on Spade and Denise and more from the other couple I felt would have taken away from the main couple of the book. Ian was still the total scene stealer and while I didn’t care for him at first, he’s really growing on me making me hope he gets his own book, I missed Vald and wanted more from Mencheres but he’s time and book will be coming soon so no worries there, and something more to look forward to!Overall: This book was a total gem and joy to read, I loved everything about it, and it had Spade..what more could a fangirl want or need? Another Spade and Denise book of course!