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Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress Series #1)

Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Catherine "Cat" Crawfield life has always been far from normal, part human and part vampire, she’s out to get revenge from her father who raped and her mother and all the evil vampires out there. Doing okay for herself as a vampire hunter, one night she runs into a vampire she can’t beat and when this vampire strikes a deal with her, she feels she just made a deal with the devil called Bones. Then as Bones starts to show her all vampires are not bad, a band of killers are on their trail and she starts to how very tempting the sexy vampire Bones truly is.... I’am not a PR fan, and have been disappointed in the genre and feel many of the paranormal devices have been overused such as vampires and werewolves. Kinda leery I picked up Halfway to the Grave and was surprised how quickly I was drawn into the story and how much I liked it! Cat’s sense of humor quickly had me laughing out loud. While am not really use to first person point of view, I was able to quickly adjust as the story unfolded. Cat is just great, she had everything to make her the perfect female lead, she was smart and used her wits about her, a great sly sense of humor but she also had a kind of innocence about her that made her more endearing to the reader. While I really liked Cat, I felt she was a little to immature and only toward the end did she really mature, but I also felt Bones kinda baby her a little to much. Cat becomes a true bad ass and mature woman at the end but your left with a major cliffhanger *urg!* On the other hand Bones...what’s to say that hasn’t been said? He’s awesome, with his brit accent, oh so charming ways and his protectiveness over Cat, he’s one of those heros that win you over time and again. He surprised me when he was the first to say I Love You and was really the one whom fell head first in love with Cat. Being the first in the series of books, your not overloaded with tons of information, characters etc that many authors mistakenly sometimes do with the first books, instead everything is laid out gradually from the creatures to the settings. Frost also uses the slow process with the romance between Cat and Bones, although I could have done with a little more love scenes and romance between the two, I think she paced it just right making everything have equal time from action, plot, romance etc and making you want more. The topper ended with the cliffhanger at the end... Overall: a great intro back into the paranormal romance for me or even a great read for anyone not into PR, great humor, steam and a hot vampire that leave you with one thing :wanting more!