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One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress Series #2)

One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Four years later Cat is now a Agent working with the higher ups to stop rouge vampires, but when a bounty is placed on her head, Cat reunites with her vampire lover Bones to stop the threat to her life and those around her... For an author it’s always hard to pen down a sequel that equals or better to the first book in the series if that first book is amazing. Frost has not trouble with that with One Foot in the Grave, this book doesn’t hinder or drag down the awesome story of Cat and Bones but only adds to the story that makes it hard to put the book down. Frost places this book four years later after Halfway to the Grave with Cat a tough as nails, smart talking agent that’s on the tad side of bitter after having to leave her vampire lover Bones. Cat is finally mature, as she leads her team, but she also see she still has a beating heart in her as she shows remorse and sadness if something happens to one of her team members. Cat can’t seem to move on with her life after leaving Bones so imagine her surprise when she sees Bones again! Bones is well...awesome as usual as he re-enters Cat’s life and does pretty much everything to make sure he stays by her side. The relationship between Bones and Cat takes another turn away from fighting vampires to more of a basic one to one between two people as Cat learns more about Bones and learns to trust the man she loves. With the Night Huntress Series, romance takes second from all the action. Which does keep one on the edge, but I felt while the characters lacked something in HWTTG, this time around I felt there was to many fillers in the story. The time it took for Bones to appear didn’t bum me out, it kept me reading, what bugged me was the way Frost made Bones seem to over the top as a master vampire. He was already kick a*s, I felt she made him on the side of comic book super hero with his powers and how he just breezes in and kicks all types of a*s. I could have done without as I felt both Cat and Bones using their brains to overcome the bad guys was cool, I didn’t need to feel I leapt back into my comic book days. The other fillers of a sudden cat fight (and Tate going all rebound sex seemed off to me) and the boring training that Cat puts her team could have been shorten or left out. These parts made me speed read to get back to the main story.(Plus it needed more Spade! *spade fangirl talking*) The Night Huntress isn’t know for it romance true, but what it lacks it makes up ten-fold with some very steamy love scenes between Cat and Bones. There as a lot of great surprises and twist and turns throughout the book that had me wonder where Frost was leading me and to what ends? With a few loose ends left, this book didn’t leave me with such a bad cliffhanger, but oddly enough on a happy note.Overall: a great continuation to an awesome series ‘nuff said~!