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Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress Series #4)

Destined for an Early Grave - Jeaniene Frost Cat and her undead vampire lover Bones are taking an long overdue holiday, to finally get away from the fighting and trouble that has filled their lives of late, that is until Cat starts to dream of a vampire whom wants her and will do anything to have her! Jeaniene Frost strikes another out of the ballpark with Destined for an Early Grave, thinking by now her books would be somewhat lagging or dragging by now, not with Frost they don’t! This books pick up a few weeks later after At Grave’s End, with Cat and Bones trying to take it easy, no such luck when Cat starts having dreams of a vampire whom claims to be her vampire husband! Then when all hell breaks loose Cat and Bones must not only face off with this new baddie but comes to terms with each other. While romance was on a break with Grave’s End, this time around romance takes center stage as things come to head between Cat and Bones. Always fighting, with no rest in between, Cat and Bones have a lot to deal with when it comes to their relationship and trust issues.. This has been building for awhile between the pair and does it explored in all it’s fire and glory and not in a good way either. Which brought me to my overall rating score, while I adore this series to bits this time around I was ready to rip my hair out over Cat and Bones arguments and disagreements and misunderstandings. I wanted to shake them hoping it would knock some sense into them! But thinking about relationships, their not all happyhappy or perfect and are not without their major bumps in the road and that’s what Cat and Bones have to overcome this time around with the air finally clean between them and the walls coming down. This also gave a chance for other secondary characters to shine as Bones and Cat deal with their troubles between each other. Making me a happy fangirl, we see another side of Spade whose caring and protective (and funny and can overreact) of his love ones and willing to go the extra mile to help. It made me love him more and now I can’t wait for his story! One whom took me by surprise was Vald who was another who helped Cat through her tough time, he was also really funny with his comments toward the events going on. This book was really full of twists and turns and surprises in the overall story, making me wonder how things will turn out later for the said characters....Overall: with romance back in the driver seat along with action, I really enjoyed this book that was full of a lot of surprises for the reader