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The 16 Festive Tasks - Christmas

Tasks for Christmas:  Did you write letters to Santa as a kid (and if so, did he write back, as J.R.R. Tolkien did “as Santa Claus” to his kids)?  If so, what did you wish for?



Funny, a few years ago I found my old letter to Santa when I was in kindergarten. I found that somethings never change, I shall always been a geek/nerd and my handwriting is still as crappy as ever! :P 


  On my wishlist I asked for a Teenage Mutant Turtle Chair,Action Figures, two Bo sticks, so I could fight with my brother (had to keep it fair) and more pretty bows for my hair. I don't think I got any of it expect for the bows. But a few years later I finally did get my X-Men action figures. HA!