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The 16 Festive Tasks -Las Posadas

Tasks for Las Posadas: Which was your favorite / worst / most memorable hotel / inn / vacation home stay ever?  Tell us all about it!


 I could say this was a "vacation" trip, home, stay~?


I went to stay with my BFs- K and her sister-A and their..... roommate.

   K, A and I were going to my first anime con! (I went as Moouse from Ramma 1/2) I was very nervous but, K and A are the best and kept me calm.



Then there was the roommate.


 At the time I didn't know there was friction going on between the three (but would overhear the crap he throw at K and A and overall assholery) but everyone was still being civil so K and A didn't worry that roommate would be an ass to me.

 No, he just acted like I was a ghost and didn't exist. I only got a hello and that was it, if I walked into the room he act like I wasn't there. I say hello or just  try small talk, he walk out of the room. SO, being the petty little shit, I asked A if I could have something to drink from the fridge. She waved me off saying to help myself "Mi Casa es Su Casa".

  You see the roommate just drank Dr.Pepper 24/7, and it just so happens I love me some Dr.Pepper!  He come home and sit down and drink a Dr.Pepper and I would sneak one to. Every time he drink a Dr.Pepper I would make sure that I would get one. He thought he was drinking to much Dr.Pepper as they were going so fast and he knew the girls didn't drink soda and their tea was running low. He would always see "three" glasses of tea in the sink,or dishwasher and the girls and I were gone all day to the anime con....


 On the last day, I found he had one last Dr.Pepper and it was time for another refill so I poured it into my coffee/tea thermos and walked out the door as it was time for me to go home. Telling the girls what I did on the way home, that's when I knew, as we all crackled evilly together in the car we weren't just best friends, we were family sticking together in good and evil deeds. *evil grin*