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The 16 Festive Tasks-Bodhi Day

Tasks for Bodhi Day: Post a picture of your pet, your garden, or your favorite, most peaceful place in the world.


When it comes to peaceful places, I tend to move around depending on the season, the weather and how long can I hide out in the bathroom to read this chapter before my family start to become suspicion. (Why, yes the bathtub with a pillow does make a great reading spot) In the Spring I tend to stay under my pecan tree with my cats playing around the roses, the Summer I throw myself by any AC vent to escape the heat. Autumn, I  throw open all my windows in my house letting in the cool air, but in the Winter I love to curl up with my blankets and being the Christmas season, use the Christmas tree lights to read by or just gaze up at my tree in memories of new Christmases and old.