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Yesternight by Cat Winters

Yesternight - Cat Winters

This isn't so much of a review as it's my thoughts on the book.  



  I adore Cat Winters books, each have brought tears to my eyes, hope to my heart and I love each and every one of them. Until Yesternight which left me at odds overall. Now the beginning was just Cat Winters at her best, setting up a story of a child dealing with memories of her past life and Alice, a child psychologist, who gets draw into this world of past lives and questioning her own life or pasts life. 

   This is where I hit my first stumbling block with the main lead Alice. I could never connect with her like I have with other Cat Winters leads. I felt for Alice deeply being a woman stuck in a "man's world" trying to prove herself and all that being a woman is about from her life to even her sex life all affected someway or another. But I felt a wall between Alice and myself the reader. This was perhaps due to the later portion of the book on how it focus on Alice sex life and her attacks on the men she slept with.



 I found this at odds with the mystery that pulled me in from the first part of the book and this, I think was the main trouble this book that, it was put into halves. The first half was amazing as Alice dealt with a child's past life memories and the second part about Alice and what she thinks is her past life. Perhaps there was a bit of a foreshadowing going on but I knew how it was going to end up and even the ending with it's somewhat crazy twist was a bit obvious. 

    Not to say this book was bad as Cat Winters is a amazing writer but that it just ended up not being her best.