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Romance Bingo 2017 -TSTL & Interracial Couple



17.Interracial Couple: The Princess, The Pea and the Night of Passion by Rosetta Bloom

16.TSTL:The Wedding Duel by Katy Madison 

15.Wedding Bells: Confessions of a Wedding Planner by Michelle Jo Quinn

14,Girl/Guy Next Door:Sweet Girl by Cristin Harber

13.Pirates:Heart of Fragile Stars by Cynthia Wright

12. Key to my Heart: Rowena's Key by: A.J. Nuest

11. Young Adult: Home is Where the Heartbreak is by: Tess Oliver

10.Second Chances: Then Came You by Wendy Lindstrom

9. Urban Fantasy: The Alpha's Bed by Michelle Fox

8.New Adult: Wander and Roam by Anna Kyss

7.Insta-Love: The Mill Owner's Son by by Lillian White

6.Gothic Romance:The Property of a Gentleman by: Catherine Gaskin

5.Free Square:Lord Rivington's Lady by Elieen Jackson

4.Historical Romance: Georgina by Clare Darcy 

3.Best First Time: The Devil Earl by Deborah Simmons

2.Blown Away: Regina by Clare Darcy

1.Regency Romance: Red Rose by Mary Balogh