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Nintendo playing the market with sold out and hard to find NES Classic


  With everything going on this week, I've pretty much tuned out politics, the news, media and went back to just some pure brain candy for the soul. 


   Oddly enough, retro gamers or gamers alike have watched Nintendo play the market (again) with the new NES Classic. This was announced a few months back that Nintendo was bringing back the classic NES with 30 games built in and it be the size of your hand. 


  In many shops online and off, there were no pre-orders, and going to my local Gamestop and Walmart found out there was only 6 units delivered! Amazon was a joke yesterday (this is in the negative star reviews because people who had one in their chart found their chart empty in check-out) and many people took to twitter and reviews to show their displeasure. Don't bother with ebay as it's going for 200, 300, 500 dollars with it being only sold for 59.99 the price of one PS4 game. 


   I know I'm going to be getting one, but it maybe after the holiday season when the self-hype as died down. As it was one of the systems along with Sega Genesis I grew up with and watching my older brother play. Nintendo hasn't had a a great push in gaming market of late against PS4 and XBox and either good or bad press is the perfect hype to sell out for units when they come out, so there's no real lost in money on their part. 

   Still, I don't like this bit of bushiness practice and we gamers all nodded our heads in knowing agreement they pulled this stunt again after the Wii etc. 


  But the reviews of people who were able to get their hands on them have been very positive so far with alot of love packed in this little console and the games *happy sigh* the games put on this console are truly nostalgic for any of us who sat around playing games as kids and even adults who were able to find the old system.


  I think the NES classic after 31 years is going to be one of 2016 most sought after Christmas gifts this year.




On a side note: I WANT ONE!!!!