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The Governess Club: Bonnie

The Governess Club: Bonnie - Ellie Macdonald imageimageimage

In the second of the Governess Club, we meet up with Bonnie whose stuck in between a rock and a hard place. She's the only thing her students who are in her care Henry and Arthur have after the sudden death of their parents.
Something evil is looming over the estate and things seem to come to ahead when the boys guardian finally arrive - Sir Stephen Montgomery. Stephen and Boonie may butt heads but it's up to these two to keep the boys out of danger that seems to be drawing closer.

There was a few conflicting details that didn't take away from the story but the characters themselves didn't feel as fleshed out as in Claire. Sir Stephen while acted like a hero whose been through alot, but never seem to truly thawed and his sudden love for Bonnie seem just to sudden.

Bonnie was a wonderful character who protected her wards and goes through some ringer while keeping her wits about her. I felt it was more believable that she fell in love with Stephen then he with her.

Unlike Claire, the romance lacked quiet a bit. There was a great mystery to whose out to get rid of the whole Darrow family but it was pretty easy to figure out who the real villain was. I think the mystery overwhelmed the whole of the book not giving room for much of anything else.

While a nice addition to the series just not a very strong one.