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Lethal Lawman

Lethal Lawman - Carla Cassidy
Continuing the Men of Wolf Creek. I ended up more or less curious as to the main kidnapping case of Liz that started it all, and that perhaps the author would continue leaving clues for the reader to draw closer to whodunit. Sadly, your only given glimpses of Liz and nothing rock solid to follow.
The characters themselves had such tragic pasts with Detective Frank Delaney's wife committed suicide years earlier and dealing with the guilt and Marlene Marcoli who dealt with abuse at the hands of her ex-husband. These characters had alot of promise but ended up flat that I could never truly invest interest into them.
Much of the plot felt pattern carded and again some unnecessary drama of someone trying to kill Marlene. When it should have been Frank and Marlene tracking down Marlene's aunt Liz and dealing with their scars of their pasts.
This was an okay read just felt to stiff that it didn't give to much leeway for real growth of the characters and the continuing mystery.

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