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Halloween Bingo 2016 -COMPLETED! Blackout Bingo!







 With the Witches square done - I've completed my Halloween Bingo!




1.The Rat Prince -Pumpkin

2. The Little Leftover Witch - Set on Halloween

3.Silver in The Blood - Vamps vs Werewolf

4.The Legend of Sleeping Hallow- Classic Horror

5.The Uninvited- Supernatural 

6. The Spookshow - Ghost/Haunted Houses

7.Ghost Walkers - Free Square

8.The Jumbies - Diverse Author Can be Spooky Fun!

9. The Girl Who Drank the Moon- Full Moon

10.Watch the Wall, My Darling - Gothic 

11.Lost Among the Living- Mystery

12. The Graveyard Speaks- Grave or Graveyards 

13. Infestation- Creepy Crawlies

14  The Murders in the Rue Morgue - Locked Room Mystery 

15 Fear St. First Fear - It was a Dark & Stormy Night

16. Halloween Party - Young Adult Horror

17 The Little Stranger - Scary Women Authors

18 Monkey Paw - Horror

19. The Fall - "Fall" into a good book

20.The Architect of Song-Read by Candlelight or Flashlight

21 Buddy Read w/Bark - Read with Booklikes Friends 

22. Here Comes a Candle - Set in New England

23.Buy a Whisker - Black Cat

24.Vassa in the Night - Magical Realism

25: Which Witch? - Witches