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Halloween Bingo 2016 -Progress - Scary Women Author & Horror Double Square Feature. I should have read in the daylight

   i finished the The Little Stranger & Monkey Paw late last night as the rain was pouring down and thunder rumbled outside for hours. Something I shouldn't have done >_<;

   The Little Stranger was more atmospheric horror, Waters build and build the story and left the reader wondering at the end. It spooked me good. The ending smacked me upside the head when I figured out who was behind it all.


  Monkey Paw has been done and done over many times, and I never read the original until now and it was just as spooky and scary as some of the shows and movies I've seen based off it. 



1.The Rat Prince -Pumpkin

2. The Little Leftover Witch - Set on Halloween

3.Silver in The Blood - Vamps vs Werewolf

4.The Legend of Sleeping Hallow- Classic Horror

5.The Uninvited- Supernatural 

6. The Spookshow - Ghost/Haunted Houses

7.Ghost Walkers - Free Square

8.The Jumbies - Diverse Author Can be Spooky Fun!

9. The Girl Who Drank the Moon- Full Moon

10.Watch the Wall, My Darling - Gothic 

11.Lost Among the Living- Mystery

12. The Graveyard Speaks- Grave or Graveyards 

13. Infestation- Creepy Crawlies

14  The Murders in the Rue Morgue - Locked Room Mystery 

15 Fear St. First Fear - It was a Dark & Stormy Night

16. Halloween Party - Young Adult Horror

17 The Little Stranger - Scary Women Authors

18 Monkey Paw - Horror