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Food Experiment: Homemade Cookie Monster Ice Cream


Since coming across a recipe with easy way to make homemade ice cream using only two ingredients heavy whipping cream & sweetened condensed milk. I've been wanting to try to make my own. Because I can never do anything truly easy, I thought I try making Cookie Monster Ice Cream.




 My Inner cookie monster was proud! There was alot of cookie dough in this ice cream! I real upside was that it was eggless. One didn't have to worry about getting sick  eating raw cookie dough or having to bake it. This is the dough you find in many Cookie Dough Ice Creams.




  The color while not as dark as true cookie monster blue. Was still very pretty, plus I don't care for to much food dye in my food. My Family and I were walking around blue after eating it.




 This had alot of cookie dough in it with added chocolate chips. I think I needed less dough and more ice cream to truly even it out. As it was the true complaint from my taste testers.



 The Ice cream reminded me of a DQ Blizzard or Italian Ice Cream with it's very rich taste and texture. Rule 1 though- let it sit overnight! 


 In the end this was alot of fun, and fairly easy. Plus, you can create whatever ice cream you choose! I'm thinking for my next batch: plain vanilla ice cream as a topping for my peach cobblers.