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Kitten Update: 1 Month Old- Meet Amy, Ivin & Fay!

One month ago my mommy cat Sophie surprised me with a healthy litter on July 4th! Today they are one month old, at this stage their running around at high speeds of cuteness. Taking pictures of them at this stage is fun. Cause you better be fast! Fast!


Meet Amy, Ivin & Fay!


 Their already showing their personalities.

Amy, the oldest, and my only calico (like her mommy), whose the first to get into trouble of some kind and announce with a loud meow that you better pay attention to her and carry her everywhere! It took me a few pictures and I finally had to settle for this as my dear Amy Marie had some playing to do!


 Ivin is my quiet little ninja! Don't let that cutie face fool you, he loves to sneak attack feet, when you could have swore he was across the room just a second ago! By the way, after taking his picture he decided  that he wanted my camera. If he was a little bigger I think he would had hid my camera, instead I found a few selfies of Ivin Leigh and his little paws.


  Fay is my shy baby, she loves, loves and belly rubs. Even though she's the baby she doesn't let her older siblings push her around! Girl is tough! Fay Elisabeth was shy taking her picture, but after a few cuddles she decided that my camera was okay, especially when she fell asleep on it.