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The Forbidden Library by Django Wexler

The Forbidden Library - Django Wexler

  Thrown into a world that could only live in dreams or nightmares. Alice is thrown into a world where "Readers" can travel into the world of books meet, fight and capture creatures to harness these magical creatures abilities and find magical words.

This world has a deeply dark side with older ancient Readers using any means necessary to gather and steal each others books in order to gather this magic using their Reader apprentices to do their dirty work as pawns in a game that seem to have no end. Alice is at a lost in this world not knowing she a Reader herself and with the sudden death of her father, she must quickly learn to survive this new world she has found herself in, find out the truth of what happen to her father and those who are known as Readers.


 The world that Django Wexler created in Forbidden Library is vast and unique with "Readers" entering the books they read that is very real and very dangerous. I loved all the creatures that inhabited this world from the talking cat Ashes, to The "Swarm". Like the Ancient Readers you can't trust whose on whose side or what they want.

 Then there's Alice new to this world and stuck in the middle of it all. Unraveling the truth through the story is Alice just a mere pawn to the Reader's whim or is there hope resting on Alice shoulders.
 I truly liked and respected Alice, at a young age she has alot to handle, and she handles it very well with a level head and thinking things through alot that gets her out of many dangerous situations she placed in. Never far from her thoughts is her father who she wonders what happen to and whose behind his death.


 With the slow building mystery takes up alot of the book, and this started off a tad slow for me, when it finally hit it stride, your craving more from this book your zooming toward the end!
I completely loved The Forbidden Library and can't wait to see what's in store from this series.