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Ode' to a "Blogger"


  I've really enjoyed reading about how many of us from all walks of life started blogging, what drives us to write our thoughts down and how it ends up being because we love to!


   Myself, I started "blogging" in 2000, then there use to be a small community who would show off their amazing graphic skills in layouts and designs, talk about whatever and open up about the world around us. The world was really changing and it showed alot in the blogger community back then as well. I loved showing off my graphic skills, and talking out my troubles or just talking about nothing at all. Like all things everything changes and many moved from Blogger & Wordpress graphic style blogs to crazy Myspace and Livejournal. 


   I myself went to the more quieter LJ and found another community and a few like minded people to connect with. In 2009 my life took a hard turn that I needed an outlet, and always being a reader I turned to my books again. Reading 600 pages in a day was and still is a piece of cake ( if the book is good of course) so I stumbled upon a site that was all about the readers - Goodreads. Starting off slow, I started putting down my thoughts, and starting find others reaching out and just talking about what we love most- books!

     I once again took out my stylus and Photoshop and started to work on my beloved graphics again, creating a book review blog this time and yet still putting down my thoughts and feelings but toward books.


     The thing about life is change and once again change came rolling through the book community  and it getting hit hard from one wave after another. It was hard to see when the tide would finally calm down.


Change, I've witness through my years of blogging starts off sad, hard and somethings bad, but change does bring it's own good things along with the bad. Change, makes us stronger and change makes us see things we may have missed before. But for me change has never been easy...


 When I saw many moving from GR I was sad to see them go, but again I saw this as another change and decided to see for myself what these new sites had to offer. Booklikes was my first stop. I wasn't to thrilled about the set-up, spoiled on GR easy interface, I took a chance and set-up an account. Slowly, I started finding my way and enjoying discovering Booklikes. Leafmarks was my next stop and while still small, I see it being another path Goodreads didn't take. 


   I blog because I love to, I blog because I love helping someone discover a new author or book by my review, laughing over some strange oddity in a book and sharing a few tears in a hard story. I blog for the people I met online whom I may never met in RL, but in this we share a love for the written word and the worlds they open to us. 


I'm a blogger because I am.