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(I'm not a visitor to DearAuthor's site, nor a customer of EC, but I've kept up with events because I think the suit is complete crap and I hope EC gets the bitch-slap they deserve - and I hope the courts open up EC's books and some justice can be found for the authors, editors and artists who are getting the crap end of the stick.)


I'm doing some database clean up on another site and went to Courney Milan's website to find a list of her books.  I accidentally clicked "Blog" instead of "Books" and her latest post concerns the Ellora's Cave v. DearAuthor legal proceedings.  The blog entry is here:



But specifically, what blew my mind was this:


"So here’s an option B. If you are an author, an editor, or a cover-artist who would testify as to the truth of the statements Jane made, but for the confidentiality clause, contact me. If there is enough interest from those who would testify but are afraid for confidentiality reasons, I will look into finding a lawyer to accompany you to the hearing–someone whose job it is to represent your interests, and to make sure that you’re speaking up to the maximum allowed without putting yourselves at risk. But in order to do that, I need to know who you are. E-mail me at contact@courtneymilan.com. You do not have to tell me anything except that you would be willing to testify as to the truth of the statements Jane made, but feel that you cannot except for the confidentiality clause."


Well.  How utterly cool is that?  


If I never read one of her books, I'll still be a fan and she has my respect and admiration.



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