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 Now to search for some books!

Reading progress update: I've read 432 out of 432 pages.

Ruin and Rising - Leigh Bardugo

I really enjoyed this series (got teary eyed at the end!) 

The Waking Land by Callie Bates

The Waking Land - Callie Bates

his was one of those books that has you rooting for the team and not the players/characters. I found the world building very engaging with the fables and legends a strong foundation. 

While the world building was it's true strength everything else felt lacking. I never cared for any of the characters are their building relationships. They all felt just like pawn pieces moving across the board. and never fleshed out for me to care about them one way or another. I hope the author re-visits this world someday as I am curious about some characters that didn't get enough screen
time .

ARC  Netgalley

The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook

The Hanging Girl - Eileen Cook

Ugh, the book tied me in knots! (In a good way!)

The mystery is on a slow boil as your introduced to Skye whose life is stuck in a dead-end 
then she makes a deal, a easy deal that would get her money and a new life. That is until the deal ends up with someone dead and Skye stuck in the middle and running out of time to find a murderer. 
As everything slowly unravels for Skye, who you feel a deep empathy for, even if she made a really crappy choice. I always hoped she be okay in the end. Cook does put the reader through an emotional ringer as everything starts to add and and then! -She hits you again with another shocker that left me guessing if it solved everything or just another secret.

I can't say enough great things about this book- only to read it for yourself!

ARC: NetGalley

Den of Shadows by Christopher Byford

Den of Shadows - Christopher Byford


   Instead of the carnival coming to town, it's the Gambler's Den, a casino that brings lights and laughter to the barren desert towns. Franco the ringleader that gathers a crew of fire eaters and thieves. Until their luck hits a road block in a kingdom's capital city where law is held in an iron fist and the crew of the Gambler's den must use all their tricks to get out.


I really enjoyed the small bit of the world of the Den of Shadows, you have a huge divide between the rich and the poor. The Gambler's Den tries to stay on the grey line as they try to make a buck.


The trouble I had was you only really get glimpses of everything from the world to the characters. You never get anything to deep even with our main crew. This made it an easy and fun read and hopefully this just the foundation to more for the series.


ARC: NetGalley

 Been wanting to read this series for awhile now, and found the whole boxed set for a steal! Plus, an added map the world.




There is going to be a meteor shower on 12th of August, 2017. According to astronomers this will be the brightest shower in the recorded human history. It will light up the night sky and some of these might even be visible during the day. This meteor shower is being considered as once in a lifetime opportunity as the next meteor shower of such kind will be after 96 years.

After a day of destroying those pesky pirates- the Kraken finally got back to this amazing book: Moby Dick

Another mythological critter drawing this time with the Kraken and wanting to read more of Moby Dick, using the bottom of the pirate ship as a pillow  




So I drew a Jackalope reading and drinking coffee..and looking for suggestions on more mythological creatures


I've started to doodle again and just had to draw a jackalope just chillin'.  I'm looking to draw more of these mythological critters , so I love some suggestions and help on what  next to draw :D

Happy Summer Solstice


Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 416 pages.

House of Furies - Madeleine Roux

House of "Furies" First time I came across this I did a double take thinking what the heck is House of Furries?! hehe

Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

A Million Junes - Emily Henry

just so beautiful....... 

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

Wintersong - S. Jae-Jones

 As I read Wintersong I found myself falling more and more under it's magical spell. The setting and characters just got to me. S. Jae-Jones just pin point something few can: people. No one in this book is good or bad, wrong or right. Nothing in this book is black or white and like the characters everything is in shades of grey.

  The heroine especially can came across as selfish, narrow viewed, but on the other has a huge heart that gives and gives. Liesl was never given the chance to grow and spread her wings, always push aside by her beautiful sister and talented brother, her own worth put on the back shelf. The thing about Liesl is, she doesn't want to be there, and in her own ways fights to break free from the place she was put.

 Her fight and later love of the Goblin King is every changing. It's not the, be all, end all kind of love. It hurts, it heals. It can be messy and it can be crystal clear.


 The first part of the book is the trial of Liesel as she gets her sister back and the later part of the book is her discovering of who the Goblin King is. Both like a symphony changes, with the words poetic or harsh.


 The ending could have made this a standalone, but with this type of sad (heartbreaking!) ending I'm glad we will be able to see more of Lisel and the Goblin King's love story.